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The new wayfinding system in the oldest “Museo Egizio” in the world – webinar
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The new wayfinding system in the oldest "Museo Egizio" in the world. Experiences within the framework of the PNRR project Museo Egizio Accessibile.

Navigating the galleries of the Museo Egizio is a great challenge: the museum, in fact, is in a historic building that spans 5 exhibition floors over a visiting route of more than 2.5 km.

We constantly work to facilitate the orientation of the public, ensuring the best possible visiting experience, through a continuous study process and progressive adjustments, also based on active public feedback.

We will discuss this on Wednesday, June 5th at 6:30 PM during the webinar "The new wayfinding system in the oldest Egyptian Museum in the world": the graphic team and some young professionals will share their research experience, challenges, and results achieved during the recent wayfinding redesign project of the museum, carried out with the goal of facilitating content accessibility and the visiting experience.

We will talk about flow analysis, the study and creation of prototypes, the implementation of new signage, with particular attention to accessibility choices, keeping in mind the needs of various stakeholders.

Here is the translation:



Introduction of the project “Museo egizio Accessibile”
Maria Elena Colombo, Head of the Department of Interpretation, Accessibility, and Sharing, Museo Egizio

Presentation of the graphic team
Piera Luisolo, Coordinator of Design and Visual Identity, Museo Egizio

From the genesis of the project to the final files
Greta Panero and Lorenzo Genta, Graphic Designers, Malta14

Focus: Upcycling and tactile maps
Asja Starace and Matteo Cinquetti, Junior Graphic Designers, Museo Egizio



To participate to the webinar CLICK HERE

Participation is primarily intended for design and graphics students. Spots are limited.

The study is part of the project "Accessible Egyptian Museum" funded by PNRR funds, aimed at facilitating access to the collections for everyone by breaking down intellectual and sensory barriers.
011 44 06 903
Dal lunedì al sabato dalle ore 9:00 alle 18:30