The Museo Egizio provides specific routes and workshops for special needs. For more information and to organise a special visit, call 011 4406903 or send an email to .
Service temporarily suspended
The Museum provides 2 wheelchairs free of charge for visitors. They are available at the cloakroom, but cannot be booked.
It is forbidden to bring animals of any kind
Only animals used for pet therapy are allowed, upon presentation of a medical certificate.
Blind and partially sighted
The Museum provides tactile routes accompanied by Egyptologists with specific experience.
For security reasons, the only animals allowed in the museum are guide dogs for people with disabilities.
For more information, call 011 4406903 or send an email to
Services for families
The Museo Egizio is family and kids friendly. There are routes accompanied by a family-oriented Egyptologist, and routes with specific video guides (“Family Tour”).
The Museum is easily accessible for children. There are no architectural barriers in the rooms: strollers can be brought in without problems.

In the Museum there are:
Nappy changing facilities;
WCs for children (set at child height).