Corporate membership

I believe in museums as research centres, as open public spaces,

capable of planning and creating new possibilities for growth.

Christian Greco, Director of Museo Egizio


Established in 1824, Museo Egizio is the oldest museum in the world dedicated to the Egyptian civilisation, and with over 40,000 exhibits, houses the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside Egypt.

Supporting Museo Egizio means contributing to the mission of an institution that, for almost 200 years, has been building a collective memory and taking care of heritage belonging to all humankind

By joining the Corporate Membership programme, your company will form an exclusive bond with Museo Egizio: supporting the care for artefacts and the development of scientific research projects, promoting the accessibility of cultural heritage and benefiting from exclusive advantages. A privileged access to museum life for the company, its clients and stakeholders, and an effective support for the development of the Museum's projects.

The programme is structured in levels starting at €10,000, €25,000 and €50,000. Its design is tailored to the company's needs, meeting the expectations of employees and stakeholders and aligned with strategic objectives.

The joint creation of the corporate membership programme is the starting point of a communal project, the beginning of a synergy between Museo Egizio and the company, which may choose to support the projects that best express their identity and vision: scientific research, restoration of the collection, social inclusion, educational accessibility.


  • Insertion of logo and company name in Museo Egizio’s Annual Report and on the website

  • Discounts on products from the Museumshop

  • Use of Museo Egizio spaces for an annual event with reserved discounts

  • Exclusive training activities for employees, which can be carried out in person or remotely

  • Possibility of offering employees or best clients individual complimentary membership cards

  • Company week: possibility to give employees unlimited free entry for one week a year

  • Fulfilment of a joint project, sharing of expertise and strategic co-design

For more information and to organise your corporate membership programme, please contact our team:

Silvia Cendron