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In 1824 the world’s oldest Egyptian museum was founded.
12000 exhibits on display.
2,5 km of museum itinerary.

Would you like to be the protagonist of a 4.000 years long travel in history?

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The regulations provide all the useful information about how to access and use the spaces. If you desire to consult it, please contact us.
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Our services
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Dedicated spaces for your event

Gallery of the Kings

An impressive series of statues from Thebes, now Luxor, is displayed to the public, recreating the atmosphere of the Karnak Temple Complex. The feeling of being immersed in the grandeur of the age of the Pharaohs is heightened by the scenography designed by Oscar winner Dante Ferretti.

Deir el-Medina

An extraordinary collection of everyday objects from the village of Deir el-Medina offers a journey through time to discover the cults, customs, history and art of a civilisation that never ceases to fascinate.


The courtyard opens a window on Turin’s sky amid the baroque facades of the 17th-century building and known as the “College of Nobles”. On summer evenings, the imposing architecture of this space is the setting for cocktails, concerts and theatrical spectacles.

Mazzucchetti Staircase

The staircase leads visitors from the ground floor to the second floor. It is named after its designer, Alessandro Mazzucchetti, who in the 19th century built the majestic white marble staircase. The alternation of vaults and large windows means that light – both natural and artificial – pervades the space.

Roof garden

Unique view of the Museum courtyard with an exclusive outdoor area for aperitifs or standing dinners and an indoor space for meetings. Ideal for small groups. 

When you can organise the event

A porte chiuse

Vivi un’esperienza unica organizzando il tuo evento nelle sale museali dopo l’orario di chiusura:

- dalle ore 14.00 – il lunedì
- dalle ore 18.30 – dal martedì alla domenica

In orario di apertura

Negli spazi che non fanno parte del percorso espositivo è possibile organizzare eventi tutti i giorni:

- dalle 9.00 alle 14.00 – il lunedì
- dalle 9.00 alle 18.30 – dal martedì alla domenica

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