Liberi di imparare 2

The Museo Egizio presents a new exhibition resulting from the project "Liberi di imparare", which started in 2018 from the collaboration of the Museum with the Management of Turin's penitentiary and the Office of the Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of the freedom of the city of Turin.

From May 13th to July 18th 2021, the public will have the opportunity to observe twenty copies of artefacts of the museum's collection, created by inmates of the school sections of thwo ssecondary schools which operate in the penitentiary. In particular, the exhibition hosts copies of some masterpieces from the Museo Egizio's collection: among them the Chapel of Maia, the frescoes of the tomb of Iti and Neferu, the portraits of the Fayyum, the ostrakon of the dancer, as well as some funerary books. The reproduced objects are accompanied by captions with indications that allow visitors to find the originals within the museum's rooms.

The project "Liberi di imparare" is the result of a collaboration between the Museum and the management of the “Lorusso-Cotugno” penitentiary and the Office of the Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of personal liberty of the Municipality of Turin. The "Plana" Technical Institute and the "Primo Liceo Artistico" have been present for many years in the structure with dedicated school sections, where classes have been transformed into workshops that have involved inmates in the creation and decoration of replicas of artefacts from the Museum's collection. This exhibition is the second one resulting from the project: the first one, in fact, opened in December 2018 and was also shown within the Turin's court building.