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Since November 5th 2020 the Museo Egizio is closed to the public, to help fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the museum keeps working, behind closed doors, as we carry on the researches on our collection, as well as our activities online to share a heritage that belongs to humanity. Every day we publish new content to maintain a fruitful dialogue with our audience as well as with the international scientific community.

Here is a list of online contents that are available for everyone:

The Director's Walks
Virtual guided tours in the rooms of the museum accompanied by the Director Christian Greco. Just click HERE to watch all episodes.

Temporary exhibition “Archeologia Invisibile” (Invisibile Archaeology)
The virtual tour is available HERE.
The purpose of the temporary exhibition is to illustrate the principles, tools, examples and results of the meticulous work of recomposition of information, data and knowledge made possible today by the application of science and technology from other disciplines to the study of the archaeological findings from the Turin based collection.
The virtual tour is a powerful immersive tool, developed by two students of the course in Cinema and media engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin in collaboration with the filmmaker studio Robin Studio, who, using 360° cameras, have created a 3D faithful reproduction of the exhibition. Thanks to the virtual tour it is possible to explore the exhibition rooms, "browsing" all the elements, watching the videos and perusing the individual finds.
Lastly, the topics of the exhibition can also be explored in the "Archeologia Invisibile" playlist on YouTubeThe videos present interviews with the researchers who collaborated in the exhibition and reveal how archaeometrics makes it possible to learn more and more about the biography of the objects.

Snapshots from the collection
The curators of the Museo Egizio talk about some of the most curious and special objects in the collection. Every Monday a new episode is released, and English subtitles are available. Discover all the episodes by clicking HERE.

The conferences of the Museo Egizio
A rich calendar of online lectures, focused on Egyptological, museological and archival research and investigation topics, which will alternate international speakers and curators of the Museum. To consult the complete program click HERE
It is also possible to re-watch the scientific conferences of the Egyptian Museum of the past years on our Youtube channel.

Contents for children

"Ancient Egypt DIY": video tutorials and short workshops to build artifacts as the ancient Egyptians did (ex. How to make a heart scarab, how to make a textile bracelet with a home-made loom).

"La Stelevisione": children act as journalists and ask questions to the Egyptologists of the Museo Egizio.Click HERE to watch.

"Le storie disegnate": watercolors and brushes draw the story of the most famous myths of ancient Egypt. Click HERE to watch them.

The Online Collection
In its present version, the online collection provides access to almost all the objects (about 3300) currently on display in the galleries of the Museo Egizio, with the possibility to make detailed searches and to download high-resolution images. To discover our artifacts click HERE.

The Papyri collection
The papyri collection of the Museo Egizio includes a large number of manuscripts which, due to their state of preservation and content, represent one of the most important collections in the world of Egyptology. The website contains all the basic information about the papyrus collection, the projects in which the museum is involved and offers a constantly updated database where you can peruse the contents of the papyri and "see" them through high resolution images. Click HERE.

Museo Egizio Review (La Rivista del Museo Egizio)
The Museo Egizio Review promotes, collects and shares research on all aspects of the collection of the Museo Egizio as well as on the archaeological sites investigated by the museum archaeologists nowadays and in the past. The articles are available for free HERE.

Publications of the Museo Egizio
The public can purchase some of the publications of the museum in PDF/eBook HERE.
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From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.