Collection and resarch

The museum, the research and the restauration

Research and creating an international network are the areas in which the Museo Egizio continues to invest, in order to grow and to become an established and world-renowned institution: this approach is not only addressed to the scientific community, but also to all those who recognize in the dynamism of the instituition a way to open up to a broad and heterogeneous audience.

Restorations, studies and archaeometric analysis, made with non-invasive methods, allow a cultural growth, benefiting not only the scientific world, but also the wider public.

A step in this direction is the “Restoration Area” that is currently set up on the first floor, which offers to the visitors the opportunity to observe the restorations on the animal mummies of the museum.
Saqqara Digging diary – week 6: the end!
Saqqara Digging diary – week 4
Saqqara Digging diary – week 3

Object on loan in other museums

Dialogue, scientific research and accessibility to cultural heritage underpin the activities of the Museo Egizio and are placed at the centre of its daily work. In order to achieve this, fundamental is the collaboration with other international museums and cultural institutions. The collection that the Museo Egizio has the honor and duty to preserve belongs to the whole humanity: that is the reason why the objects displayed at the Museo Egizio are often shown in temporary exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad.