Nel laboratorio dello studioso – In the Researcher’s Workshop
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From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
What is this object? Who or what does it depict? Where does it come from? When and how was it made? What role did it play in its culture of origin? These are some of the questions  egyptologists ask themselves when they study an archaeological artifact. When curiosity and intuition go hand in hand with a systematic approach, a process of data interpretation and  exploration called research begins.

"Nel laboratorio dello studioso" ("In the Researcher’s Workshop") is a cycle of temporary exhibitions meant to introduce visitors to the research carried on daily on the objects on display in the galleries of the Museo Egizio and kept in its storerooms. Every two months, a new artifact will be placed under the magnifying glass to reveal unseen details and yet untold stories.

Here the updated calendar:

  • APRIL - JUNE 2021: A souding statue (curated by Federico Poole)

  • JULY - AUGUST 2020: Ad Astra: Decoding the star table of Mereru (curated by Enrico Ferraris)

  • SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER 2020: Sons of Horus protect this shabti! The model coffin of Kha (curated by Paolo Marini)

  • NOVEMBER 2021 - JANUARY 2022: Cats, Falcons and Eels: Votive bronzes for animal mummies (curated by Johannes Auenmueller)

  • 14 th JANUARY - 20th MARCH 2022: A portable shrine for the goddess Anuket (curated by Paolo Del Vesco)

  • MARCH - MAY 2022: The Book of the Dead of Baki, Scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands (curated by Susanne Töpfer and Sara Demichelis)

  • 13th JUNE - 21st AUGUST 2022: A Bes-vase (curated by Federica Facchetti)

  • 26th AUGUST - 30th OCTOBER 2022: Champollion and Turin (curated by Beppe Moiso and Tommaso Montonati)

  • 7th NOVEMBER - 8th JANUARY 2023: Exploring the world of magic: amulets and faïence (curated by Martina Terzoli)

  • 13th JANUARY 2023 - 19th MARCH 2023: Sitting merrily in front of the god: votive stone seats from Deir el-Medina (curated by Cédric Gobeil)

  • 24th MARCH - 28th MAY 2023: Kissing the earth for the Lord of the gods: the stelophorous statue of Neferhebef (curated by Alessandro Girardi)

  • 2nd JUNE  2023 - domenica 6th AUGUST 2023: Sherds of history: tales of Heliopoli (curated by Federica Ugliano)

  • 11th AUGUST 2023 - 15th OCTOBER 2023: An authentic fake: the statue of Neshor (curated by Maxence Garde, Matteo Lombardi, Federico Poole)

  • 20th OCTOBER 2023 - 31st DECEMBER 2023: What's cartonnage? Conservation and study of the mummy coverings (curated by Alessia Fassone and Sara Aicardi)

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011 44 06 903
From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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